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MOK: Super Space Taxi coming to iOS and Android

Just two more weeks until I release MOK: Super Space Taxi – if you want to play on day 1 you can pre-register for iOS and Android as well now:


MOK: Super Space Taxi will become available on Steam for PC and Mac.

Wishlist now:

App Store
App Store

Play MOK on your iOS device soon, pre-register now:

Google Play
Google Play

Want to play MOK on Android? No problem, get it here:

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two3D 0.2 is out!

New version 0.2 of two3D now available on Plenty of changes – good time to buy now at a low price if you’re interested in two3D.

List of changes:

Camera mode

Click “Camera” in the main menu to activate the camera mode. Here you can click and drag to rotate the camera around the object you are creating. You can toggle the view from orthographic to perspective view, in which you can then also zoom with the mousewheel.

Export to PNG

In camera mode in the top right corner you see a preview of the image that you can export with a click on the Export button. Currently fixed to transparent 1024×1024 PNG (more options coming in a later version).

Export example


You can now optionally glue blocks so they “stick” together when turning on gravity. Just long-click the create button and all blocks in the layer will automatically stick themselves to the nearest block (within a range of 1u).

Advanced Settings

This version of two3D introduces the option to change internal settings. Click “advanced” to open a text editor where you can modify settings for physics calculations, effect settings and more. Click the documentation button in that editor to read about all the settings you can change.

This advanced settings section will increase a lot in future versions and expose a lot of options to personalize two3D – and to try crazy configurations (you can definetly break it with the wrong values!).

Sponsor Page

Starting with “GameDevNinja” who sponsored the development of two3D first, we now have a “sponsors” button. If you want to know who sponsored two3D or are interested in becoming a sponsor yourself, please buy a Sponsor or Deluxe Sponsor package at checkout on Be quick, spots are limited!

Thanks for your interest in two3D and happy creating!





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two3D available in early access

Hey guys,

The very first version of two3D is now available for you to purchase with an early early bird price of USD $9.95. It has only basic functionality for now, so please only buy if you’re really keen to be on board from day 1. There is no save/load feature yet, so the tool is not ready to use for generating gamedev sprites just yet. It’s great fun messing around with it though!

two3D’s feature list will increase over the coming weeks and months and so will the price up to the final release price of v1.0 for USD $24.95. If you buy now, all updates are included, so you can save some dollarinos by getting it now.

Also feel free to voice your opionion in the discussion board for two3D about existing and upcoming features. Whilst I have a very clear picture in mind of what two3D should become, new ideas are always welcome if they fit into the roadmap.

Thanks for your interest in two3D and happy creating! w00p w00p! 🙂

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