What is two3D?

two3D is a physics-based 2D to 3D “drawing” tool that is currently in development. You can use it to create art in a quick and intuitive way. Also destroy it. Set it on fire. Drop some bombs and let it explode.


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How to create art?

You draw layers in 2D and spawn them in a physics-based 3D world:

  • Pick a “material” (they are not just colors, description below).
  • Draw with it on the 2D grid. Left-click to draw, right-click to erase.
  • Click “create” to spawn blocks that drop on your 3D plate
  • Change render options like light and special effects (coming soon)
  • Export as image (coming soon)

What are materials?

Materials in two3D are colors with extra properties, like these:

  • main color: to draw in 2D
  • color range: a gradient of colors to pick from by random when creating blocks in 3D
  • weight: how much the block weighs in 3D when it drops, relevant when it comes into contact with other blocks or is affected by eplosions. A block with a higher weight will not move as much when something explodes next to it.
  • combustable: some materials can catch fire, like wood. The fire might spread so be careful.
  • special things like bombs that explode on contact or freeze blocks into place

When and where is it available?

I am trying to get to an early access version in the coming weeks but not sure yet where to release it first, as I will update it frequently and automatic updates should be supported by the platform. It will become available for PC first; other platforms maybe later. If you want to know about updates it’s a good idea to subscribe to my totally spam-free newsletter.

How much will it cost?

Not sure yet, but likely to be in the $10-$25 range. Will be available soon as early access for a lower price and will increase when it comes to a stable version. Buying early is a good way to support development because I drink a lot of coffee and that’s expensive!

Planned features / Roadmap (not necessarily in this order)

  • draw 2d, drop 3d
  • initial set of materials, including grenades & fire
  • gravity switch
  • main menu, showing the latest creations
  • save/edit objects in files (*.23d?)
  • renderer: export to high-res image
  • make your own materials
  • renderer: more outputs like pixelated, different angles etc
  • invent more materials
  • other resolutions (currently fixed to 16×16)
  • edit layers


Here some videos of two3D in action. Some are early builds and it might look a bit different now.